3Gen Organic Kale Ready to Enjoy!

For a limited time, our organic kale is now available! Enjoy another organic product right from our healthy soil! Price is $6 / 200g To order, please contact Jamie, jisrael@3genorganics.ca or text 226-220-5882 or request it on your next order form. Healthy Food is the Beginning to a Healthy Life!

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3Gen Organic Pasture Fed Eggs Now Available!

Our laying hens have arrived and 3Gen is excited to now offer Organic Pasture Fed Eggs! To place an order for farm pickup, please contact Jamie at jisrael@3genorganics.ca or text 226-220-5882.

$6/Dozen Eggs or $10/Flat of 20 Eggs

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The Appetite For Health

Regenerative Organic Agriculture is the best option for both the health of our bodies and the planet. By eliminating the use of GMO seeds, all synthetic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers on our soil, we are able to work with nature producing clean, nutritious food for your family. Your food choices can affect the planet, the solution is in the soil. We can all make a difference!

3Gen Organics Family Farm

Our farm has been in our family for more than 5 generations! The original homestead was first purchased by Charlie Israel and has been in our family ever since. Today, all aspects of the farm are owned and operated by three generations of Israel’s; Carl and Carolyn, Jamie and Anna, Brett and Riley, and Luke. Carl and Carolyn have been farming together for over 50 years, and have seen the farm come full circle. The Israel Family farm is made up of 540 acres of certified organic cropland where we grow corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, oats, triticale and alfalfa. These crops serve as the foundation of our pigs feed. In fact, all of our land is on the same road, meaning that our pigs have a 5-minute diet! Not only does this provide high quality feed, but it greatly reduces the carbon footprint of our operation. We have been managing our farm under organic practises since 2015 and received our certification in 2018.
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Organic Cropland

As part of our Farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, all our land is Certified Organic. View More...

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Meet your Meat

Our Certified Organic pigs receive the highest level of animal welfare and chemical/GMO free diet in the industry. View More...

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Why Organic

As farmers, we have a duty to leave the environment in better shape for the next generation. View More...

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Our Farms Certification

When you buy 3Gen Organic Pork, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the highest quality pork products for your family. Our operation is inspected routinely to ensure that we are meeting the Canadian Organic Standards. We keep daily records of all pigs, and have complete traceability from birth to market. Further to this, all of our certifications are overseen by True Foods, a third-party governance organization whose mission is to ensure traceability through the food chain from Field to Fork. Here is a listing of a number of quality assurance certifications which our farm holds:
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  • Certified Organic Pork- Pro Cert Organics
  • Certified Organic Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Barley- Eco Cert
  • Global Animal Partnership (Humane Verification)- Where Food Comes From
  • CQA/Ractopamine Free- Ontario Pork
  • Environmental Farm Plan- OMAFRA