Working together for the highest quality

Raising the highest quality pigs in a humanly is our number one priority. We are fortunate to collaborate with the leaders some of North America’s leaders in Swine science. Our farm takes an evidence-based approach to ensure that every decision we make, from nutrition to housing, will have a positive impact on the quality of life of our pigs. The result is product that you can feel good feeding to your family. Below are a number of our collaborative partners:

Grand Valley Fortifiers

Our relationship with Grand Valley Fortifiers has spanned three decades! They have been a trusted nutrition ally. We are fortunate to benefit from there experience, which results in the highest quality pork products for your family. After all, we are what they eat!

South West Ontario Veterinary Service

Raising pigs without the use of antibiotics can have its challenges. Fortunately, the experts at South West Ontario Veterinary Services provide us with excellent recommendations on how to keep our herd healthy. From preventative medicine, to animal handling recommendations, our trusted veterinary partners are always looking out for our pigs best interest.


Buying great products from amazing local farmers and butchers doesn't have to be hard. You should be able to choose who you buy from, see where it was raised and still enjoy amazingly tasty food. That's where truLOCAL comes in! So we're thrilled to be able to connect you right to the source and introduce you to the local suppliers you support with your truLOCAL box. 3Gen and TruLocal have partnered to deliver 3Gen box bundles to customers. Right To Your Door.

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